Thursday, April 18, 2013

Enjoying the ride.

I recently discovered David Litchfield on Facebook. His illustrations are georgeous. I really love his style, the colours he uses and the kind of odd characters he draws. A little strange but not too scary. He calls himself a scruffy illustrator :-).
While looking at his illustrations on Facebook, I was inspired. I can't copy and paste one of his illustrations here  unfortunately, but please take a look at his beautiful illustrations on Facebook. He inspired me to draw this one.
I liked Davids drawing of a man riding a bike a lot and I've been wanting to draw someone on a bike for a while. After messing a drawing  up in ink, I decided to do this one in pencil and colored pencil. I thought about coloring the flowers, or should I leave them in black and white?
You can also take a look at my Facebookpage to see this one and more of my illustrations if you like.


  1. Interesting drawings he has, certainly a bit odd and I guess quirky.

    I like yours better though.

    And about the coloring of the flowers - I'd try in PS to see how it looks. I guess you should stay on the same color scheme because if you'd have them in another color they'd stand too much. Yellow and green is the "safe" option in my opinion - so the cat stays in focus ;)

  2. Hey Nini! Yes, his drawings are indeed a bit quirky too...:-). Kind of intriguing I think.

    Thank you and I have a reason to experiment with this a bit in PS with coloring the flowers. Don't know if I can do that yet, but it's worth a try!

  3. Hi Esther - I just had a brief look at his page but they really look gorgeous...i'm going to check out some more after writing here. I love your picture of the lady on the bike. I'm not sure about the flowers. I didn't think it odd that they weren't coloured to begin with but the more I look, the more I think a little colour may be nice. Perhaps not all for all the flowers though? I suppose it's something you could try in photoshop?

    1. Hi Rachel! Right after I wrote this post I decided to color a few flowers in yellow and one in orange. And I left a few uncolored. You had the same idea :-). I will post this version of the drawing on the blog one of these days.