Monday, February 25, 2013

Red, Green and Yellow

I've been experimenting with the size of the images that I want to put on this blog/on the internet. I see some people put a watermark on their pictures to prevent other people from copying their work for commercial purposes. I don't like it very much when I see this watermark on other peoples work, it distracts me somehow. I'd like to look a the images just the way they are, without these (often) big watermarks on it. At the same time, I get it why people do it of course. One of the blogs I read regularly is the one from the very talented Andrea Joseph.  She wrote about people have been copying her work for commercial purposes. Her drawings appear on tote-bags in Russia for example. 
It's not that I want to compare my drawings with Andrea Josephs, these are a league of their own, but I've been thinking about this subject. What I decided to do from now on is put smaller and less pixeled images on the internet, to make printing and copying by people with 'bad intentions' less attractive because this way prints will be more blurry if someone tries to enlarge them. This is what I read about others people advice on this subject at least.
At the very same time, I feel a bit ackward to even think and act on this copying subject, because this way it seems I believe my drawings are copy-worthy....

Anyhow ;-), here are the images of the shoes I drew last week. Resized, just to be more sure about what I'm not sure about...:-). I'm curious by the way, to hear what your thoughts are on this copying subject in general.

I kind of like like how these drawings turned out and I'm thinking about maybe printing them on double postcards, on nice paper.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shoe Update

My shoes are a series now! ;-) Allready three of them (actually six ;-).


I've got two things going on. I'm still working on the illustrated story I wrote about in previous posts. This is an assignment for my drawing lessons. I wanted to do something else besides that and I started a series of drawings/ paintings of shoes. Well..., series...I often start something with the idea to make a series of it, but most of the time I have enough of it after 2 drawings or so...This time I want to make more drawings than just two in my 'series'.! Two is a good start right? ;-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little illustrated story

I haven't been blogging for some time. Sometimes life gets in the way ;-). But I am working on stuff in between! Right now I'm doing some research and sketches for an assignment for my drawing lessons. I'm working on a little illustrated story and I'm getting some good help as you can see :-).

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Workspace in my livingroom

Here's where it happens. My workspace. As you can see I love drawing, Apple and New York ;-)

Monday, February 4, 2013


I've been drawing and practising and experimenting with pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, collage....and so much more the previous year and I still got the te very strong drive to draw and to create. Other things in my life don't seem to get going, so I'm not that happy with every aspect about how my life is right now. But I consider myself lucky with very sweet family and friends, that's what I've got!
And, something very important too: I really found the thing that makes me most happy to do: creating and drawing. This could only have happened during the period I didn't have a job and I had to find another way to keep myself busy and inspired. And this is something beautiful that happened, even though other things in life aren't going smoothly, this creative thing is really going very smooth and flawy! Even though it's been hard work too, practising, practising and even more practising.
Could it be that this is a sign? Isn't it funny that while some things in life are difficult, other things seem to get better and clearer?
At first I didn't know what to write about the subject 'Focus' for Andrea's blogchallenge ( But It's quite clear now, while I'm writing this. I found the thing I love to do most, at this moment, I would love to get some focus and clearity in which way to go with my creativity. I've discovered that what I really like to draw is little characters and make up stories for these characters. This is what I allready loved to do as a little girl. But now, after practising the last year with all kind of techniques, I feel I can now draw, as I see things in my imigination.
I think I might want to draw and write a childrensbook maybe. Could it be that here's where my focus needs to be I wonder? 
These are a few examples of characters I've been drawing recently. The last drawing is the first of a drawing for an assignment for my drawing lessons, where we had to illustrate a story and make up a character. I suppose I have to keep on following my heart, in my drawing, in my whole life actually. Don't you think so? :-)
(Thank you Andrea! Wouldn't have written this blog without your blogchallenge and now I wrote this, I feel better and things seem a little clearer by writing things down!)