Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been a while since I've drawn a face. I really love doing this, especially when things work out and someone comes alive on paper. This happened when I was drawing this curly-haired kid. A picture of a kid on Pinterest inspired me to draw this. What's funny is that almost always when I use a picture as reference, someone new appears on paper. Who is not the person I see on the picture. I love drawing people in general and I've always liked faces of mixed etnic backgrounds. It makes me wonder about where people came from and what their antropological background could be. When drawing this kid, everything worked (and this doesn't happen to me all the time, I mess things up a lot!). He (or she?, but to me it's a he) came alive and moved me. He became a real person to me with a story  and a character of his own. I don't know about his story but it defintely feels like he's a boy with a history when I look at him. And maybe a history of his ancestors too.


  1. Esther, this is a wonderful illustration, full of character and intrigue as you say. Who is he? You have rendered the curls so well, it must have taken hours! I would love to post it on 420 Characters my short story group on Facebook, maybe someone over there might know who he is or even write a story!

  2. Absolutely stunning, this! I know what you're saying, about a 'new person' appearing when you're trying to draw someone. I suck at drawing faces, and I so admire people who can! Love how you imagine a life around him too :)

  3. Thank you Suzi, you inspired me to write a short poem/story about this kid. Maybe I"ll post this in 420 characters myself....
    Yvonne, thank you....:-)