Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog Hopping

My dear creative friend Nini Ninina invited me to participate in a little bloghop. We answer a few questions and invite some other creative friends to do the same.
Here's Nini"s blogpost. Take a look at her blog, she makes geougeous things; all sorts of things: she sews, draws, glues, paints….she does it all :-D. And she CAN do it all :-). Wish I was that handy with a needle for example ;-).

O.k., here are the Q&A's:

1. Why do I do what I do?

I've just always LOVED drawing ever since I was little. A few years ago I suddenly had the time to spend more time at it again and I rediscovered my love for it and couldn't stop doing it. It developed into a wish to become an illustrator. And it's getting better and better and gradually my wish is coming true :-).

Hare I drew in my Moleskine recently
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I'm not sure of this….I know I like to draw and illustrate many many many different things and  styles….

3. How does my creative process work?

Well…hm…Usually something catches my attention, something I see, hear, experience, dream about etc. Then I feel a spark of inspiration and start investigating. I google the subject a bit, this usually gives me more ideas and inspiration and then I write a few words down, sometimes make a very rough sketch and then just start! I start to draw and often it happens that along the way the drawing or work turns into something unexpected or details get added I wouldn't have thought of in front. Then when the work is finished it sometimes needs a little tweaking in photoshop and that's it!! I work quite intuitively I suppose.

4. What am I working on now?

I just finished an illustrated recipe I made for The Holland Road. They organize dinners and activities to connect people in Rotterdam. And they serve a marvelous Date-pie I made the illustrated recipe for.

I will pass this blog-hop on and will invite lovely artist Suzi Poland to write a  similar blogpost and answer the above questions too.