Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello! About my website and so much more....

Hi all! It's been quite a while since my latest blogpost. I've been busy doing a lot of things. Where to start? First of all I made my own website. I felt like I needed a place to show my portfolio in a nice way, besides the porfolio part on his blog. Luckily, I'm in contact with several nice people I met through 'Creative Courage', an e-course I followed last year. This courses members have a private facebookgroup to support each other and give advice on a lot of subjects in the world of creativity. I asked the group if people could recommend a place for me where/how I could make a nice portfolio website. They suggested 'Weebly'. it turned out, making the website was quite easy and fun to do! It felt really great to be able to make this myself, as where a year ago I asked around for other people to do this for me (and would have had to pay for it). I"m so happy I met this creative and supportive people to give such great advice and proud of myself of my progress and all the things I can do myself, I thought I couldn't, didn't know how to do it before.

The website developed into not only a portfolio website, but also a site about 'esther lankhaar illustrations', professionaly. Here it is! :-)
I"m planning on writing a bit more about myself in the ;'about me' section and ofcourse, the whole website will develop in time. But I'm very happy with the result so far!

In the meanwhile I worked on some drawings and illustrations.
First of all, an illustrated story about a donkey named Edmund, he's a serious and nice, worrying donkey and the story around him is developing from one drawing to another.
Here's a part of Edmunds' story. On this page he's trying out yoga-exercises because he's so tensed....;-)

There's more illustrations about Edmund and his story on my Facebookpage if you're interested.
I'm really starting to love Edmund the serious worrying donkey and I"m curious how the story will develop further.

As for my online friends, some of them I met in real life! Last week I met Koosje, Nini and Yvonne in the botanical gardens in Amsterdam. This was so great, to be able to meet the nice people fom online offline! :-). These girls are really lovely ladies. And if that wasn't enough, I also skyped with Suzi from Australia. A very sweet and creative lady I had a very nice talk with!'s a watercolour drawing I made yesterday. I' m very pleased how it turned out. I saw this little bird yesterday when I was visiting my parents and I asked my father if I could lend his bird-book. Allthough he thinks he"ll never get it back :-), the book really helped me to capture the bird I saw right.

II feel like drawing more birds in the future!

Also, I"m still following the drawing lessons at Studio Kolectiv. I'm a very happy and busy girl ;-).

Before I forget!  I also got inteviewed by Katie Ness, who I met through "Every Day Matters", a facebook group where people post drawings.. I felt so honored and Katie is such a nice woman too, belly-dancer, artist. always busy doing a lot of creative and fun things. You can take a look at her life-style blog she started recently and the interview with me overhere.

Bye bye, have a nice sunday all!