Friday, March 29, 2013

Practising and inspiration

'If one knows how to copy, one knows how to do it" (Leonardo da Vinci).

I sometimes like to try and see if I can copy something by a famous artist a bit. Just to practise and because I want to know if I can understand how an artist drew something. A few weeks ago I went to the museum and bought a few art-postcards. One of them is Rembrandts drawing 'Saskia at a Window'. Here's my version of it. :-) I think her right arm (in my version ;-)) is a little too short/small. This happens to me often, that I notice some things that are not a 100% right. After I took the picture, when I look at it. Apparently taking a picture of a drawing is a good way to create some 'distance' to see things you didn't see while working at a drawing.


  1. Wow! That's such a great rendering! I agree with you about her right arm but it looks very mend-able and you can fix it in no time :)

    1. I wrote 'her left' arm, but indeed, I meant her right arm, as you wrote. You're so alert Nini! I changed this my text :-) And you're right, the arm is quite fixable :-)

    2. haha, I didn't want you to change anything :) I just noticed that her left arm was absolutely fine and not short at all so I looked at the other one and noticed your problem :D it's much easier to say left because it's on your left side :D

      anyways... how was that Etsy meeting/thing you went to? I'm hoping for a post about it ;)

    3. When you say something, i'm changing it immediately :-D, I do that all the time! Haha, but seriously, I really meant the right arm, that;s why I changed it. But indeed, left when you look at it is much easier :-).
      I"ll get back to you on the Etsy-thing through FB. The Etsy-talk was quite short. :-(

  2. Oh and I forgot to write this... it helps a lot if you look at your pieces with a mirror every now and then (while you're still working on them) because you can spot things easily with such changing of perspective.