Thursday, November 29, 2012

Drawing and determination

Faces always seem to keep inspiring me. I still feel that I am in my practicing and experimenting phase with my drawing. I've always loved drawing since I a was a little girl. You could always find me drawing or reading ;-). It's only since the beginning of this year that I really got the drawing-craziness, I have to do it all the time, where in the years I grew up and was grown up, it was just something I did ocassionally. Somehow, I always had the idea that people who could draw, just did it, put a few lines on paper, and voila, there was a perfect drawing. Now I know it takes a lot of practise and determination to get better at it. Except maybe for the real great artists like Rembrandt, maybe he could really capture something in just one try. But still, he practised, by drawing too.
I look at other peoples work that inspires me a lot and I try to draw similar things myself. I always keep Leonardo Da Vinci quote in mind:

"If one knows how to copy, one knows how to do it."
I only begin to get the feeling right now, that experimenting and practising is becoming to pay off. When I draw I start to be able to "nail it"  in a drawing directly, where before I liked the drawings I made, but it was still a coincidence when a dawing was right and there where always things I saw, that I could become better at, and I thought about: well, this or that you could do better in a next drawing. Now, I start to get lucky more often and get it right in one time. Still, I want to develop my own style, that's my next wish! :-) and become much better in all kind of techniques, because there's still so much to learn. I'm also following very inspiring drawing and concept lessons at a studio in the town I live in.

When I was working on this drawing, I was amazed that I really did it in this one, and the drawing just happened, without much 'sweat' and erasing, it's just there and I like it!

The first picture is a photo, the second one a scan. My scanner isn't quite big enough for a drawing on A3 size,  I discovered and my photographing and photoshop skills could be much better. This is what I don't like, I want to quickly be able to post a drawing on my blog, but it takes time and adjustments to get it about right, but still, the presentation could be better. I have to find a way to fix this problem because I don't like to spend a lot of time figuring all these things out, adusting etc etc. I just want to draw, not photograph, photoshop, scan etc etc! :-)


  1. Wow,great illustration of the problems of putting our artwork online. Beautiful drawing.

  2. Now that I see it on a bigger screen i like it even more. Very beautiful and so nice to hear it just "came to the paper" without much sweat. An very inspiritional moment!



  3. I love that quote! It's so right. What a beautiful drawing. You say you're getting lucky more often. That's not luck, it's your skills getting better, thanks to your practising. Awesome!

  4. Thank you Koosje! You're right! It's the practising, not luck!I suppose I feel happy and lucky that I am able to learn how to draw and get better and feel so happy doing it. :-)

  5. Very nice drawing. Your hard work is paying off! You have a lovely fluid style Esther. Thanks for sharing your work! :)

  6. Good post on drawing. I haven't ever gotten into a consistent drawing practice, but I would like to do that. It's frustrating in the beginning. :) This drawing is beautiful!