Monday, February 25, 2013

Red, Green and Yellow

I've been experimenting with the size of the images that I want to put on this blog/on the internet. I see some people put a watermark on their pictures to prevent other people from copying their work for commercial purposes. I don't like it very much when I see this watermark on other peoples work, it distracts me somehow. I'd like to look a the images just the way they are, without these (often) big watermarks on it. At the same time, I get it why people do it of course. One of the blogs I read regularly is the one from the very talented Andrea Joseph.  She wrote about people have been copying her work for commercial purposes. Her drawings appear on tote-bags in Russia for example. 
It's not that I want to compare my drawings with Andrea Josephs, these are a league of their own, but I've been thinking about this subject. What I decided to do from now on is put smaller and less pixeled images on the internet, to make printing and copying by people with 'bad intentions' less attractive because this way prints will be more blurry if someone tries to enlarge them. This is what I read about others people advice on this subject at least.
At the very same time, I feel a bit ackward to even think and act on this copying subject, because this way it seems I believe my drawings are copy-worthy....

Anyhow ;-), here are the images of the shoes I drew last week. Resized, just to be more sure about what I'm not sure about...:-). I'm curious by the way, to hear what your thoughts are on this copying subject in general.

I kind of like like how these drawings turned out and I'm thinking about maybe printing them on double postcards, on nice paper.


  1. Hello Esther!

    I think I remember seeing that post about watermarks. It feels a bit funny when I read that you hate pictures with watermarks. Well, I can certainly understand that because sometimes, people really overdo them and it's all you can see. But the thing that happened to Andrea Joseph is horrible and I know a lot of artists that had the same thing happened to them and there was really nothing they could do about it.

    So I'm watermarking my photos as well and I hope it's at least bearable for you :) (and I don't think I'm that good to have things stolen from me either (although.. hmm... it had happened, but with my photos actually... wow, I completely forgot about that, my stupid brains... :)

    Anyways... did I wonder away too much? Hope not. Soooo... your photos are perfect. They are not small at all and as such still quite good to be used for something by somebody else :)

    I'd make postcards out of them in sizes that fit Ikea frames well. Because with a collection like this you want to hang them up and enjoy them so I'd do that.

    And if you take a look at one of those on-line print services you'll probably get an idea about something else too. There are coasters and magnets and mugs.... plenty of stuff... I think I have to refresh this too, new technology does wonders :)

    Happy creating! :)

    1. Hi Nini! Didn't want to make you feel funny about my disliking watermark remarks! I don't hate watermarks :-), they only distract me from the actual work when I look at pictures. But maybe that's my own distractive mind ;-). I've noticed you have very small watermarks on your pictures, this seems like a good option to me. Quite bearable! ;-) It is the very large ones I like a little less.
      Thank you for your thoughts and ideas about what I could do with my shoe-drawings, I've been thinking about framing them too and I think I should really get into the printing investigation. Have a nice day!!

  2. Esther, the shoe drawings are gorgeous! I don't like watermarks either. I don't use them on my images. I like to think that anyone who steals a person's artwork will get the karma they deserve!

    1. Good thinking about the bad Karma Adriana! Totally agree! what goes around comes around!

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  4. Great shoe drawings! They would look gorgeous on nice paper as postcards.
    I've been posting my drawings lately with a copyrights watermark in them too. It can be distracting indeed, that's why I try to sort of let it match with the drawing or illustration. copyrights and can't control what happens to your work. And what happened to Andrea Joseph is just plain nasty! I love her work too, by the way - thanks for the link, it was great visiting her blog agin, I hadn't been there for a while :)