Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little robin

Little robin wants to say hi. I hope you like her sweet and round little appearance :-).

Sunday, October 6, 2013

These days

Hello! How are you these days.....?

A little update about what I'm up to.

Do you remember Edmund, my serious donkey, who has a tiny friend, Deirde Hedgehog...? I wrote about him before over here and on my Facbook page here.
I'm working on a little Christmas story Edmund is starring in.

Something else is that I've been wanting to be able to draw in pen and ink for quite a while. I'm not the most neat and careful person when I draw and I didn't discover a good pen I could work with yet, because I always made splatters and spots. I really like drawings in pitch-black indian ink and I asked for advice in the art-supplies-shop the other day, about a good pen for me. I have one now I experimented with and this one I can work with, without making a mess. I made a drawing with it of a Japanese little landscape I saw in a photo magazine.

In between my artistic work :-), I do other things too. Like going to the park and watch the trees and investigate if I see autumncolours already (I see some, but not that much yet, trees are mostly green these days). And my sweet mother brought me pumpkin soup. What more could a person ask for? 

Here's a glimpse of my life in photographs.