Thursday, January 24, 2013


In my previous bogpost I described my interest in fairy-tale like illustrations in vintage colors.
I'm continuing experimenting with colors that I'm attracted to and with ways to achieve a kind of dramatic, fairy-tale like effect. I saw a drawing somewhere of a little figure looking at large trees. This seemed to me like a good idea to experiment with. The little woman and the giant trees give me a feeling this could be part of a story where the woman suddenly sees herself confronted with these very large trees and is standing there for a while, amazed about these giant trees/woods, wondering which way to go.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Going Home

I really love illustrations with old, vintage-like colors. These illustrations give me a feeling of days gone by in a imaginative fairy-tale like world... You could take a look at my 'Illustration' board on Pinterest to see examples of what I mean (
Last weekend I've been working on an illustration like this of my own ;-).
I call it " Going Home'.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Which way to go....?

I'm working on several things these days. Results will follow. I'm thinking a lot about what I want to do with my work, which way to go...And even about my style...which of the things I've been experimenting with the last year, I want to go further with...
Several possibilities are going through my mind....For start an Etsy shop where I sell some of my drawings on greeting cards...but which drawings to pick....have to find a good place to print on good  quality paper, since I don't have the money to invest in an good quality printer of my own just yet..... I want to start small and see how it goes, but where to start...and like I said, which drawings and illustrations tp pick...or should I make new ones especially for this purpose....?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fluffy & Aki

My 4-year old nephew made up a girl named Fluffy (don't know how he came up with this name, because he doesn't speak english ;-)) and a sea-gull named Aki. Don't know where that came from either, except for the fact that we were on the beach and he saw a sea-gull, but I found it funny. This is how Fluffy and Aki look like in my imigination ;-).

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Drawing in the Sun

During the last two weeks of december I was in Florida, Bonita Springs for a holiday with my family (my parents, sister, her husband and my two nephews). My parents were married 40 years last year, so to celebrate, they took us on a vacation. Florida with its sunny weather was a very wellcome change of scenery, because of the rainy and dark winterweather in the netherlands where I live. We enjoyed ourselves very much, we enjoyed the sun, went to the beach, went shopping and took a boat-tour through the Everglades. My little 4 year old nephew had two favourite things this vacation: the pool at our vacation house and the mini-golf place near our house. :-)

I brought my drawing equipment, but i didn't draw that much: too busy being lazy ;-).
I did make two drawings though. The first drawing is of a very good thing: a decent cup of coffee (empty mug in the the drawing ;-)). when I was drawing this, I went to the toilet and when I came back, my little nephew helped me a bit with the drawing. He added the line around the drawing ;-). My sister was a little mad he did this to my drawing without asking. I could hear a conversation about it when I was on the toilet and was curious what I would find my drawing like when I came back;-). It wasn't that bad as I saw it and I said: Well, that's o.k., but just ask the next time." My nephew said to his mother: "Aunt Es says that I can do it." I found this quite funny and now the drawing is a collaboration, I kind of like that. I asked my nephew to write his name on the drawing, so it's clear we made this drawing together :-). The second drawing has no story, it's just something I felt like drawing ;-).