Sunday, September 29, 2013

Colours of autumn

Most trees still have their green summer leafs over here in the Netherlands where I live. But...some signs of autumn are on the way...Here's my watercolourdrawing of.....not a 100 % sure what leaf this is yet....Maybe maple...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Portrait of a sheep

One of the things I love so much about drawing is that it makes me pay attention and really see things in the subject I'm drawing I haven't seen before. I'm looking so closely and sometimes become to love my subject for it's beauty or character. For me this can be in a human, an animal, a house, a flower... and often even while using a photograph as reference. Most of the times this happens when I draw a person or an animal. It feels touching and moving to discover a piece of the soul or the essence of my subject, at least that's how I feel it. I feel something for sheep now. :-)....well.... for the one I saw on my photograph that seemed real sweet. I hope I captured a piece of it on my paper :-)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

House on the hill

Last week I got a nice request for a drawing. My family owns an ancient farmhouse on the Portuguese hills. Every year grapes are freshly picked from the vineyard. Wine is made from the grapes and this year also several fruits from the land were used to make liqueur. My cousin asked me to design a label for the liqueur-bottles. Last year I made labels for the wine and I wrote about this on my blog back then. You can read about this and the house on the hill overhere:

Last year I wasn't very skilled in Photoshop yet, so the labels I made were completely handemade :-). Since then I learned so much and I have nice ideas for what I want to create this year. I made a drawing with a photograph as a reference, of the house which I will use for my labeldesign.
When it's ready I"ll definitely write about it here, to be continued :-).

I thought it to be a nice idea to create a postcard with an old, sepia look of  the house. Also, a print of the original drawing is available on A4 or A3 size. You can take a look at these new additions to my shop over here if you like:

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and have a beautiful day!

This is last years red wine with my label on it :-).

Friday, September 13, 2013

Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York I call this one. These days I'm not in the writing-on-my-blog-mode, so I try to let my images speak for themselves. The original of this one is done on A3-paper in Indian Ink. I think an A3 scanner is on my wish-list (has been there for a while), because on my A4 scanner I can only scan larger work like this partly. (And I'm no good photographer, otherwise that would be an option).