Thursday, March 7, 2013

Am I Romantic?

Another recent purchase and treasure: 'The Collage Workbook' by Randel Plowman ( I love collages and this book is so inspirational. I immediately felt like trying out some of the ideas from the book. The result is this flowery nature inspired collage. The drawing in the last picture is inspired by a picture of a little cabinet like this I saw in a magazine. The books, the plant, the rug and, well everything besides the cabinet;-) came from my own imagination. Both of these works, the collage and the drawing have a romantic feeling. At least, that's how I see it. I didn't start these with the idea of creating something romantic. My work just turns out this way often. So I suppose it's just the colors and images I feel attracted too.:-). I suppose I'm not considered to be a particularly romantic person. But this might just be a side of me that needs investigation. ;-)
The collage isn't finished, I feel it needs something but I'm not sure yet what. So I"ll just let it rest and something will come to mind.


  1. Uuuu, nice works! The little chest of drawers is the best! I like your collage too but can see something is missing on it as well. And the book looks lovely too. I'll have a look at Amazon right away. And try to find the other one for bookbinding too.

    1. :-). The books are both so worth it in my opinion Nini!

    2. Well, I have Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists at home and I haven't tried anything from it ( Do you happen to own it? We could start working on the assignments together, that would be great.

      I like the book about bookbinding but not really the collage one, at least from what I saw at Amazon. It's so nice when they put some previews on so that we can see what's in the books.

  2. Looks like a great book! Great job trying out collage! Keep on working - the more you do, the more you'll come to know what's missing or not and how to place your pieces in a way that feels & looks just right for you! :) That is one amazing painting with the drawers and vase - gorgeous! :) :)