Saturday, March 23, 2013

Moleskine Pages and Winterweather in Spring

A few pages of last weeks work in my Moleskine. I've always loved old soul music. "Sitting on the dock of the bay" by Otis Redding, has always been one of my favourites. It makes me feel melancholic, but in a good way! The second spread is about me buying a looooot of art-supplies and how this makes me happy. It doesn't have to be expensive stuff, I can be happy with invisible tape :-). I also went for a lunch with my mother last week and I had a very juicy, orange-carrot-ginger juice with my sandwich, which I felt like drawing, because it was so colourful. It gave me a bit of a spring feeling, and I need this a lot. I think we all do in the Netherlands because Spring just won't come this year...we're still waiting for it. It's about 3 degrees during the day now with an extremely cold, eastern wind, and a freezing -15 in the night. Last year at this exact same day it was a sunny 19 degrees Celcius.....


  1. I think the juice glass looks especially great! How long did it take you to draw it? I'm always so slow when I try something realistic.
    In my country it's pretty much the same. There were some hints of spring - a sunny (yet cold) day now and then and a few spring flowers - but whenever I thought spring had finally come, a blizzard buried all the flowers again. I really crave for warm, sunny weather. That would cheer me up right now.

  2. Hey Katrin, let's pray for Spring over here and where you live too then....;-) The orange juice glass drawing I did pretty quick. But I must say I've been practising a lot the past year. I couldn't have done it like this and pretty quick, a year ago. Sometimes things like hands and feet still take a lot of erasing, but is getting better and quicker the more I practice.

  3. The glass of juice is spectacular! Such vivid colors! And that bird on the opposite page compliments it so well.

    Did you buy yourself some stamps too? Because I did :D I'm slowly getting everything I ordered last week - only one more package to go. It's so nice to treat ourselves with art supplies :)

  4. Hey loyal follower....I indeed bought myself some stamps, I like them! We have to spoil ourselves a bit every now and then right? ;-)