Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Luck Lily

I drew a lily today. Yesterday evening in bed I thought of a ladybug. I have no idea why but I did.
So I drew a ladybug today. On a mug with a lily in it. I hope it brings luck to who ever needs it. :-)
Green and pale pink seem to be my colors lately by the way...I have to work a bit on the foot of the mug I see. Looks like a bit of an unstable mug this way;-)


  1. It's cute! And I don't think you should amend anything with the mug's foot :) It goes perfectly with the style.

  2. tHanks Nini. You're right, I thought about the foot matching the style like this. Only I thought of this after changing it bit...;-). Ah...well..;-)