Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Foxes, French Bathtubs and my website

My website is work in progress. The past week I've been working on presenting my portfolio in an origanized and categorized way. My portfolio-page you can see overhere : and I also added seperate pages for my sketchbookwork and my bookillustrations.
Come take a peek if you like!

Today I drew this. I was daydreaming about an antique French bathtub and  I just started drawing one. Before I knew it, a cup of tea, a book and a picture of a fox were added....and ofcourse towels, a sponge, soap....slippers....a flower.....Everything one needs in a bathroom ;-)....


  1. Looks so lovely and cozy! great job, as usual, Esther. Love your illustrations! :)

    1. Thank you Sandy, cosy was what I wanted it to look :-)

  2. This really is so sweet, cosy and inviting. Would be perfect for that little getaway hotel too :)

  3. Exactly the colours I love. I am still dreaming of a bathtub like this one. How I love the precision in and of every single detail. It looks like a dream to me :)

  4. Such lovely drawings! I'm impressed on how your website is designed. The social media accounts are linked at all pages, allowing for an easy way to contact you. I'm sure you know that simplicity is beauty, and having a simple but effective design is all that's needed to get people to visit your website. An overcomplicated website may be hard to navigate through. Yes it's a work in progress, but it's effective. Good luck with your website!

    Sean Brown @ LinearLocal

  5. That is one awesome-looking website! I also like the fact that you synchronized your blog and your website, making for a seamless transition. It's great that you still chose to maintain this blog. Website content could remain static for a time, and blogs are a great way to keep things updated, aside from interacting with your visitors. Thanks for sharing!

    Russell Beck @ 5 Star Brand

  6. I had the chance to view your portfolio, and it is absolutely wonderful! The domain is very easy to navigate, and your artworks are neatly organized. Speaking of your works, I really like your creative style. You handle watercolors so well. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post with us, Esther. All the best!

    JThomas Estrada @ Prospects 24/7