Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's been too long!

…since I've been around here on my blog, writing about the things I'm up to. I have to admit I don't feel like writing long blogposts most of the time, something I've discovered along the way since I started this blog in 2012.  I'm more of a drawer and artist in image then in words I suppose, at least when it comes to writing about what I'm up to. But every now and then I feel like I have to do it, also for myself, to put in words what I'm thankful for.

I think I have to pay some attention to the things I've learned since the beginning of this blog…has it only been a year and a half…?! I remember me writing about things I wanted to be able to do, wanting to be able to work in Photoshop and so on and so on. A lot of things were secret wishes I only wrote about briefly, because there's always a very shy person inside me. In one way I want to show the world what I draw, what I do, what I make, what I think. But at the very same time I often feel sort of ashamed about what people might think of what I do like ; 'it's no good', 'what is she thinking, she has to learn so much' etc. I also often think about all the things I still want to learn and still have to get practice in…before….
Well before what..? Let's just sum up the things I already did learn and accomplish…

- I can work in Photoshop now, to edit and present my drawings and work the way I want to.
- I made my own website
- I had the courage to start a Facebook-page
- I started an Etsy-shop
- I met a lot of inspiring, nice, sweet and creative people both online and offline
- I gained a lot of more practice in drawing and different media such as watercolor, ink and pencil.

And the last weeks/months things are coming my way that gave me the courage to take the next big step: officially registering as a one-woman business: Esther Lankhaar Art & Illustrations.

The things that are coming my way are beautiful people and opportunities! Opportunities for illustrations for a website, designing a wine-label and getting in contact with a nice lady with a vintage-clothing shop I might draw a logo for. All good things for my portfolio and experience!

So all this I'm, very thankful for and I feel I'm on my own way with my art. It feels good and like it's supposed to be this way. I've been very busy lately with figuring everything out for the start of my business, my drawing-commision for the website I mentioned and so on. I have to find some balance in being on and offline, being behind the computer and laptop and on the other hand not forgetting about were it all came from and what I'm all doing it for: my love for drawing and creating.

I will try to post some images of the work for others I did lately this week. I also did manage to do some personal work in between and this is something I made yesterday-evening and finished up this morning. Smart and wise people like Einstein are a true inspiration to me.

I almost forgot! : I've been working on my christmascards!


  1. You are doing great, Esther, and I admire you for your courage and your perseverance in making your dreams come true and sharing both the process and progress here on your blog and on your Facebook page. Your virtual presence is a treat to the eye and I know for sure a beautiful artistic future is lying ahead. If I could do anything for you, please let me know: I am there for you! Keep up the good work: can't wait to read and explore your next posts ...

  2. Thank you very very much for your positive and supportive words Elke! They really mean a lot to me!!