Monday, July 1, 2013

cards en more cards

Hi people! How are you all?

The past months I've been experimenting with designing businesscards and postcards with some of my illustrations on it. It's all been a learning process to figure everything out about how to edit my illustrations in photoshop to get them look the best on a card, how to choose and edit cards and choosing an online printing-service. Trial and error a lot! I started wth trying Vistaprint. At first, the text on my delivered cards was too small: own fault... Next, reordered, tried again, was a bit happier with the results but not quite completely happy because I noticed some things not being perfect in the outlining, placement of the images, text etc. Even though I ordered a sample through e-mail, (which you have to pay for at Vistaprint), I wasn't completely satisfied with the results, part of it due to my own inexperience in this matter, part of it because I felt Vistaprint wasn't completely customer-friendly in the ordering and designing process.

And then, I discovered Moo! I love Moo!  I ordered several things, from postcards to business cards and small business cards too. At Moo, you can order smaller amounts (50 cards instead of the 200 at vistaprint) and upload several designs within the 50, so you get several different cards. And I absolutely love the customer-friendly and beautiful site and the way everything works smoothly. Plus you can upload a sample of your design for free. Oh, and they deliver accurate and in nice-looking packages and boxes for your cards.

It might be a bit more expensive when you calculate the price per item, but it's absolutely worth your money I think. The paper is thick and smooth and the cards look really beautiful. With the mini-cards (half of the regular business-card size) I ordered a cute felted card-holder. I love it!!

Still, I learned things I would do a little better at my next order, but like I said, I love the way the products I ordered at Moo look and feel like. And no, I'm not a secret sales-person at Moo :-). But I could be....;-).

My plan is to order more (post) cards at Moo with several designs and to start an Etsy-shop, to sell them. Also, a quality-printer is on my wish-list, to be able to make beautiful prints for the Etsy-shop at home.

Now I have to get the courage to give my cards to more people, besides friends and family.....:-D
The feeling I have is I want to pay attention to some networking in the town and area I live in. I made connections, have a lot of ideas, now I have to and want to take some steps and already took some bay-steps. I pray for the bravery to take more and more steps. ;-)


  1. I've heard only positive things about MOO. I think I have one card made by them (I suspect the girl I bought from made her business cards there) and it's really nice. Satin finish is my favourite one and I love how it feels to the touch.

    All I can say is GO, ESTHER GO! Etsy is just around the corner ;)

    Oh and your business cards are ADORABLE! Especially love the deer one. Wouldn't mind having it ;)

  2. Oooh, I LOVE these cards. They look wonderful. I have also heard great things about MOO so I must give them a try. I especially like the option of being able to upload several different images. A quality printer is on my wish list too so if you find a good one, let me know, I need recommendations :)

  3. Perfect!! This is timely info for me - I am thrilled to learn about Moo! I had heard of it but vaguely and so was going to go with Vistaprint (but have been having some issues with it). Thx so much for sharing about your experience Esther!! Your cards look lovely!

    Have courage! :)

  4. Thank you so much, Esther, I appreciate your effort to share your experience with us!

  5. great stuff! I have heard good things about MOO. and it you do make cards to sell on your Etsy shop, please let us know! they will be FAB! :)

  6. I adore Moo, have used them lots of times and the quality is consistent. Their customer service and delivery times are also great. Lots of top tips on their blog too.
    Keep your eyes peeled for sales and offers. They do them several times a year - so get on their mailing list peeps :) I've printed my christmas cards (for the select few) for a few years when theyve had 25% discount offers which they usually do around October time.
    Theres a link pic/logo on my blog for 10% discount if folks want to try them
    Look forward to seeing your etsy shop stocked with cute cards. Im going to try and make mini bookmarks with the mini cards and they make ace gift tags too.

  7. Thank you for your responses! I"ll keep you all posted about the progress, printers and all!!

  8. LOVE the business cards, and the postcards you shared on FB :) Yes... Business cards :) I'd love to order some, too - at some stage - now I need to figure out - why ;) I hear you about the courage to hand them out to people - I wouldn't know where to start - I really like the 'quick, schedule a meeting' sign, because that's how I'd feel - 'quick, get me a NETWORK!' ;) Beautiful - open up that Etsy shop :D

    I'm still pretty happy with my Canon printer, it does beautifully. Of course the innk isn't waterproof, exactly, but the way I see it, neither are my watercolours ;) At least you get to be boss of the design without having to order, check and re-order... But yes, a good one with quality inks... When I win the lottery, I'll buy us both one :D

  9. Hi Yvonne! Haha, that's funny, 'quick, get a network! ' :-D I"m sure our network will grow slowly, but steady, all will be fine if we keep drawing and proceeding as our heart tells us to do...:-). I"m saving for that printer, might have one soon, I figured out a way. Hey, likewise if I win the lottery!

  10. That is an excellent point re printer Yvonne, thank you! I recently got a new Canon all in one (coz the old one died...didnt want to go with canon coz of that but this one - in my budget - got the best reviews.) I keep reading about Epsoms and laser printers and ink - dye v pigment etc etc and thinking "oh no, this isnt good enough. But i dont have the space OR the money..." Sooo - you made me feel much better. Yes - its similar to my watercolours :) Yay :)