Monday, April 1, 2013

I am on my way

The way I usually work is that I suddenly get an idea to draw something I like. I love everything with a vintage feeling and I just love those leather, brown suitcases. I searched for images of this kind of suitcases and I came across a photograph of an image like the one I drew. I liked the photograph so much that it inspired me to make this drawing, of a girl sitting on a suitcase with a bunch of flowers. I often like to add something symbolic, in this case a sticker on the suitcase : 'I am on my way'. Aren't we all? ;-)


  1. Now this one is absolutely perfect to be printed on a postcard! It's really gorgeous.

  2. Lovely ♥ I just came back from a travel, and yet again I've got itchy feet!

    1. :-) I hope itchy feet are a good thing? Or do they need some rest ;-)?

  3. Lovely illustration Esther - I really like the fact that you can only see the subject's feet :) It would make a lovely postcard. Keep up the gorgeous work :)