Saturday, March 9, 2013

Creative Friends

It's so much fun that I met creative creative friends through several e-courses I followed last year. The meeting  has only been online, through the world wide web so far , but you never know, I might one day meet one of these people in real life! One of them is Nini. In the facebookgroup with participants of the Creative Courage e-course, people sometimes send eachother mail, the old fashioned way, through the mailbox, just to surprise one another and as a little art-exchange.

I sent Nini a blue-house postcard.

I was was so happy when she let me know my mail had arrived, all the way from the Netherlands to Slovenia!

Take a look at Nini's blogpost about it and while you're there you can see her adorable sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project.


  1. ♥ oooooh Esther! Thank you so soooooo MUCH! ♥

    It was really so nice to receive your dream house in my mail box. I have to prepare a wall in my "studio corner" for these friendly creative gems, it's going to be tough (I live in the attic) but I'll think of something!

  2. you made an amazing post card!! Love the bright blue house!!!!