Friday, November 2, 2012

Visual Storytelling

I am following drawing lessons once a week. I'm following these lessons at Studio Kolectiv: The past few weeks I've been working on what has to become a three-piece. We had to think of a way to tell a visual story in three pieces. Old, sepia coloured photographs and stories taking place a few centuries ago, always speak to me. The kind of victorian stories, Charles Dickens style...I feel attracted to this kind of darker, melancholic period in history. Old, dampy, foggy streets in London.....
For this assignment for my drawing lessons, I came up with a story (really happened) I found on the internet about an orphan girl and her brother who were left by their mother at an orphanage after their father died. All this taking place around about the year 1800.
In these first two drawings I tried to visualize the loneliness surrounding this story about two children left by their mother. I did some research on the internet, looking for an image of an old chair and looked for old childrens-pictures to use as a reference.

The third piece of this what is now still is a two-piece ;-), I'm still thinking about. This will follow hopefully. It's done in ink and faber-castell fineliners.


  1. Very, very nice! I think it's your best work so far sis!


  2. Lovely Esther, very powerful too a lonely chair in an empty room and the forward facing portrait. The ink wash and sepia tones definitely create the era you are telling about. I am curious to see what your third image will be.

  3. wow I got goose bumps looking at these images. You captured the feeling of loneliness and abandonment with such sensitivity in the first drawing. very well done :)

    1. Thank you Amna! It's always a surprise when suddenly the feeling I tried to capture in my drawing actually turned out that way on paper.

  4. Lovely should be proud.