Friday, October 5, 2012

Yet another Moleskine

I started working in -yet another- Moleskine today. This time it's a little watercolour Moleskine book.
I have several going on. Every book has a theme, and I'm planning on working in each one every now and then. I find it hard to concentrate on one medium for a longer period, because I find so many things interesting to do and learn about. So I guess I"ll just have to skip from one to another, however I feel like.
This one is about watercolour. I also used a little pencil, stabilo fineliners and collage. Oh, and Indian Ink,
I've enjoyed working on these two a lot!


  1. I love moleskins because of that handy elastic band that helps protect the page corners. Too frequently they get thrown into bags as I dash after my children. Mine are also full of my kids sketches as well. At first I found this exasperating, but we have defined their pages and my pages. It's a great restaurant deversion and fun to look back at their artistic developement along with mine;-)

    Your colors are just magical.


    1. Sounds like a good moleskine-agreement you have there with your kids Emily! I just love Moleskines! Thank you for stopping by my blog.