Friday, July 27, 2012

Yesterdays post was about a few nature drawings I started in a little moleskine sketchbook.
Today some pictures of the old biologybooks my father gave me, which I used as inspiration. I like those old-fashioned drawings.
So I somewhat copied the drawings I showed you yesterday. The yellow butterfly I saw on a postcard of which I like the illustration style a lot. Sometimes I feel guilty when I copy someone else style : " I should have my own style, and invent a style of my own!" But then I think of a quote from Leonardo da Vinci: " If one knows how to copy, one knows how to do it."  Practice, practice, practice, and your own style will develop eventually!
This quote I read in a book from Carla Sonheim with 52 drawing exercises to make drawing fun. This book really is fun! To loosen up and make you think of drawing in a fun and different way!


  1. Interesting post! I get really frustrated sometimes because I have to have something real in front of me to draw. I can't just make up something in my imagination and transfer it to paper. Sometimes I get really envious of super imaginative artists (for example, check out Mattias Adolfsson on Flickr). But, its important to remember that every artist has their own style, strengths, and weaknesses. The EDM challenges are helpful for me because they're all about drawing your surroundings. I'll have to check out that book by Carla Sonheim!

  2. Hi jamie! I recognise what you're describing. I'm very jealous when I see people who seem to draw just like that, from their own imagination. I took a look at Mattias Adolfssons work. Incredible! Someone with such fantasy and imagination and to be able to draw what he sees in his fantasy.
    Still, the more classical way of becoming an artist and learning to draw, is copying the great artist of history for a long time, and eventually after years, starting with work of one's own.
    Even artists as Rembrandt used a model and a setting as an example to paint by....That's what I keep telling myself...Not that I want to compare myself with Rembrandt ofcourse;-)