Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yesterday evening inspiration came by! :-D I started with the one in brown and blue in pencil. I wasn't happy about the body, the arms are too long. So I started a new drawing. This resulted in the one in black and grey. There was still something about the first one I liked and I finished this one too. These both drawings are done in ecoline ink and drawing pen.
The woman in the brown and blue has a kind of flirty, more outgoing expression than the second one, who is more introverted, in my vision. Funny that a little variation in expression can make such a difference.
By the way, I think the one in black and grey is a bit skinny....:-)...

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  1. I love them, they are great! The black and grey woman looks a bit more sad. Maybe that's not only because of her expression but also because of her darker colours.

    Kiss kiss,