Saturday, June 16, 2012

I finished this one today. I am experimenting with 'ecoline' (is this the english word for it too?). Love the way illustrators use it in their work, but I am not very used to this technique yet. You have to work with layers, letting one layer dry (most of the time starting with the lightest colours first). In this one I started to draw and paint the shoes first (which are actually shoes of mine :-)) and then came up with the idea to look up he word "green" at wikipedia. I like to put words in a drawing so I used some common connotations wikipedia helped me with ;-),: emarald, nature, grass, growth etc. Words that come in mind when you think of 'green' perhaps.
I like the result, especially the shoes, although I'm not quite happy with the area at the right side (and just beneath that), of the ladybug: a little to much going on there, with the leaves and stuff :-D. But a good practice in working with ecoline after all.

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