Sunday, June 24, 2012

All the pages for assignment 1 for my visual journal....(hard work :-))


  1. Hi Esther! I like the soft graphic shapes you chose and how they start to form a personality! Those orange round buttons becoming eyes and triangles as expressive mouths! Like the graphic elements, the movement and sense of set up- your book feels welcoming, like it's waiting to be tackled and explored! Love the maps (is that a map of nyc?) and references to travel! ANd that honey comb shape- perhaps traveling bees? Love the images of the crowds looking or watching in anticipation! I want to know what they're looking at! Definitely sense travel, ambition and fun in your story!


  2. I should be in bed now but treated myself with a stroll through your blog instead. It's great to see the things you have been creating the last couple of months. The more I see of your work, the more I hope one day, we will meet in real life as I really like your versatility as an artist.